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For the past two summers I have been happily infusing vodka with all manner of dried fruits, spices and botanicals. A recent brush with infused wine has opened the floodgates to other possibilities.

The door-opener was Pinot Grigio, which I usually ignore, transformed into drinkable magic with lemon, ginger and chopped fresh mint. Before I picked up the ingredients to attempt a recreation of that, a Serious Eats newsletter spotlit beers infused in a French press.

I bought one before the sun went down.

Two experiments are on tap for the Memorial Day weekend. The first: Belgian Trippel Ale with Lime and Mint.

My first tinkering was with the base brew. Serious Eats’ contributor Luis Tovar had based his recipe on fruity New Belgian Trippel Ale, which I could not locate in semi-rural New Jersey. Instead, I picked up Green Flash Brewing Company’s Trippel Ale.

I’ll cut to the chase: This infusion is refreshing. And a keeper.

What you need:

Trippel ale. Mint. Lime. Zester. Knife. French Press.

Trippel ale. Mint. Lime. Zester. Knife. French Press.

Zest half the lime. Squeeze the juice from 1/4 of the lime.

Put in the carafe:
The zest
The lime juice
What’s left of that lime quarter
A handful of torn mint leaves
The whole bottle of Trippel ale

Tovar says to let the infusion sit at least three minutes. I went more than five and would leave it longer the next time.

Cue the Jeopardy theme..

Cue the Jeopardy theme..

Push the plunger down carefully. Pour. Sip. Marvel.



It’s mildly acerbic from the lime. The mint is barely a background note. I squeezed the other quarter lime into the glasses and added more shredded mint. Next time — and there will be one — or more — I will double the lime from the start, and also rip up more mint.

Now excuse me. I’ve got a beverage waiting.

UPDATE: The reason I was inspired to up the ingredients may have had something to do with … uh … the size of the bottle. Which, it turns out, was at least double size of what the recipe used. Once again, the importance of actually reading directions comes to the fore….