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Double K Double Burgers

Posted on: July 9, 2010

Put two food writers in the same kitchen and no business-as-usual meal is likely. As happened with the burger makings in my house on the Fourth of July, when I was joined in the kitchen by Kayla Hamilton of Otaku Foodie. Others in our party were content with basic cheddar-topped beef patties, but not Kayla and I. I immediately hit on stuffing two thin patties with savory surprises. After poking around the spice shelf and fridge, I settled on the following and stood back while Kayla deftly assembled them, with more neatness and attention than I would have employed. To fellow solo cooks, I can now testify: a competent and companionable sous chef is a rare treat indeed. The outcome of our collaboration was as savory as expected and captivated my taste buds’ attention to the last bite.

Double K Double Burgers
per person:

Press out 2 thin, thin, thin patties by hand.
Place one patty on a prep surface.
Sprinkle onto the middle of the patty:
1/4-1/2 tsp finely chopped purple onion
Thin slivers or grated extra sharp cheddar cheese
Pinch of zaatar (a Middle Eastern spice blend of wild thyme, sumac and ground sesame seeds)

Slivered cheddar cheese, zataar and purple onion

Place the second patty on top and press it firmly around the edges.
Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste on top.
Sprinkle more zaatar on top.

Place the double burger in a skillet over medium heat. Flip as needed. When you are comfortable that one side of the burger is nearly done, flip the burger so the nearly done portion is on top and cover it with slivers or shreds of extra sharp cheddar cheese. Place a small amount of water in the skillet, then cover it for a minute or two. (The steam from the water will make the cheese melt quickly, a tip from my sous chef that works MUCH more effectively than my usual method of simply putting on a lid.)

No soft, wimpy buns for this, please. The heft requires a sturdy bun — we used Kaiser rolls — and stands up a cavalcade of condiments. Our fellow adventuresome diner drizzled ketchup and yellow mustard over a base of (avert your eyes, Kelley) mayo to pleasing effect.

1 Response to "Double K Double Burgers"

It was indeed a great pleasure to cook with such an adventurous cook such as yourself. I definitely enjoyed being your sous chef.

This had better not be the last time we enter the kitchen together to create something crazy and delectable.

-The Otaku Foodie

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